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Scythe's favs


This is the sketch for one of my favorite pics you can find in the colored works section. I cannot decide which one's better, the b/w one here or the colored

Time for twisted anatomy again! It's a sketch for Cindy of Seekers of the Sun. And it sucks badly. I like the face, hair and detail in general, but the pose is a bit, well, strange, not to speak of the incorrect positioning of limbs and unnatural joints. Whatever.

Here's a summoner doing his leisure time things. You know, summoning infernal demons of endless doom and such. Done on grid paper, and I tried to remove the lines, so it looks a bit bleached.

It's all for the armor, I swear! The head's not so good, my main objective was to get all those layers of plating right. Concept art for some comic project.

And here's another sketch for Seekers of the Sun, showing Aery in a close-up. I wanna color it someday.

Reve, a further character for Seekers of the Sun. The upper body's okay, though the legs ail me a bit.

Now this is a sketch for real, you can see all the guidelines I made and stuff. Practicing backgrounds, I really need to get some profound skills in this field, as I was too lazy to do them in the past. Inking in progress, color to come someday.

Wheee, it's Ilira hugging Deni - she's all hers, so watch it, guys! Not quite right regarding anatomy, but it made Kibi jump in joy, so it served it's purpose, kekeke.

The "advanced" version of the doodle to be seen in the namely section. Another character for my other project - and hey, those black lines fizzling to the right and left are strands of hair. Honestly.

Looks a bit angsty angsty as well. Ah heck. Actually I did this for the wings of the black haired guy, but then decided to add something to the background. Stupid pic with no meaning, but I could not bare to delete it, so here you go.

Now this one has some history. It was when ME Charm from CWX (check it out, will you! You can find it in the forums) made some nice pic for me, and I was really impressed, but then I took on the challenge of smashing his ego, and with this pic, I was able to destroy his selfesteem for one day! HA! So, yeah, it's Charm and me on this pic, tehe.

XD! That's what it's all about! Why do only the Xmen get the chance to have a neat flight machine! PREPARE FOR THE XD WING!!!


Rianq*s favs


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