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Scythe's favs


One of two pictures of myself which I drew by myself only with photoshop.

My loyal desktop BG. I will never ever change it =D

A pic manipulation I made for a fusion-contest on www.rpg2000.de. I find it pretty funny =)

This is the main title of my game for the RPG maker 2000. I never made more than two towns. Pretty sad, but the title is cool.

This pic's great! Made with paint and for another 'contest' on rpg2000.de, it was one pic of a larger series. It was a kind of battle with pictures and I played the referee. Maybe I'll get the system to charmingeclipse someday...

A little picture for http://artinsanity.com

Something I made just for fun. I like putting sprites into 3D environment =)

Another fusion for rpg2000.de

A crossover for Men in Hats. Unfortunetly did Aaron Farber not like it. F'eh

Second one of the two pics. Actually the first one, d'oh.

My pride! I sat hours (or were it days?) on this sweet little animation, based on the Felicia spritesheet of the game Vampire Hunters.

Wolfram came into my mind after I had seen a drawn rat of my friend's. WOLFRAM RULEZ! (Text means: Wolfram, the wolf out of the tube)


Rianq*s favs


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