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Scythe's favs


Back on blackjaguar-studios-board, DarkViper posted and image of his mascott, and yeah, I'm an ass and went like "here's mine, I don't like yours" - so that's it. Nothing special, nothing flashy, but whatsoever.

Still gotta send this one to Litho of "...Dream" (also nice furry comic. Sadly updates very irregular.). It's Clint! Rrrr, sexy guy!

Some gift art for Yarpsdat of "Road From Nowhere". Wicked chicks and talking daggers. Wooo!

Something I did for the guys of "Exterminatus Now", a sonic-style anthrocomic which kicks ass. Be sure to drop by - the actual cast looks cooler than us posers.

This one's for Ping and her comic "The Jaded". Action. Adventure. For hire. You should read it sometimes, realistic style and completely colored, definetly worth a view. This pic shows Jade (the guy) and Jin (the girl).

I took part on this Secret Santa '03 event, and was assigned to do giftart for Mike Smith of "ExeWorld Saga". So here it is, featuring Romulus and Jacob. Swords rock.

I love Star Bored. Wooo! And so I couldn't resist to do this gift strip for Mr. Bob and post it in the comicgenesis Fanart Joy Forum - this strip has a secret message. It's: Go and read Star Bored or Pingoo will eat you!


Rianq*s favs


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