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Scythe's favs


Kibi in her Cammy dress. I really need to put up the sprite comics again... Picture by Jops

This is the first fanart we ever got and it came out of nowhere. Wonder who allowed him to change my name o.o Picture by MechaByrd

A nice fancomic of a friend of ours. I like the henchman. Picture by NyanKO

A picture of a so-called "Secret Santa" Scythe took part in. He drew something for an other guy and an other guy drew something for us. Picture by Rao

This is a pretty great pic of myself looking bad-ass in my Capture the Toast suit, armed with a huge breadknife and a toast bazooka. Picture by M.E. Charm

Another picture by M.E. Charm. And I do not want to explain. Fullstop.


Rianq*s favs


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