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Scythe's favs


Yay, check it out, a boredom doodle of Kibi (which happens to be a ripoff of Kokibi, which is a character in some manga that's called Houshin Eng-something) - Kibi is so much a fan of that manga and character, she wouldn't accept anything else for her alter-ego.

Whoa, would you look at that! IT'S AN APPLE!! FROM DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES!!! Yeah, err, well, it's an apple, alright.

Uh, some badass-looking girl. Something I doodled in school.Nothing more to say.

Something I doodled for Nyanko to prove that I'm able to draw sketchy pics in several minutes with which I can impress little children. Ahem.

First doodle of a character for comic project. Skinny, twisted and insect like. That's what it should be. So sue me if it's not.

Some doodle of a Tri-CX Soldier from Seekers of the Sun. Looks awfully like some space marine from Warhammer4k.

A drawing of Sam which is a character of the original comic Rianq came up with (which would be Cocytuz), but which was replaced by Purgatory later on. Yeah, so it's Sam. Or Scythe in a more furry-kinda-look. You decide.