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Scythe's favs


OMGWTF!! It's Robo from Chrono Trigger! (Great SNES game. Go and play it. Or Kibi might get you.) Well, admit I copied that one from the booklet, but since I was using an ink feather, I'm quite fond of it - even if it's copied.

Gundam Wing rocks. Lots of cute boys and big mechas. Is there anything in the world that could rock even more? No way - so here's a picture of Tallgeese. Note the signature. Now you MIGHT know my real name! WAH!

Yeah, well. A guy in armor drawing his sword. Crippled anatomy. Any questions?

Whoa! This is REALLY old. It's something I scribbled in school during R.E., if I remember correctly - has to be something from 2001 or 2002. Sheesh, nice times back then. Nice times. Bad drawing. M'eh.

HEY KIDS! It's a group pic of a roleplaying party from an AD&D campaign back in 2002! Here we have Calon the mage, Theon the halfling rogue, Braksh the halforkish barbarian and some random female which is just in this pic because it looked to empty and every party needs at least some female member.

Woohoo, meet Aarto Sari (hm, wasn't this the name of some skater guy?) batteling a dark mage - some AD&D scene featuring Pasi's character and the evil npc enemy. Done without a presketch, so this is what happens if you start to draw right into the blue from out of nowhere. Which explains why all the limbs seem broken.

Rynak and Deahlda duelling. Another one which didn't have a presketch. Much deformed anatomy. Designed to be some mural I did for an AD&D campaign back in 2002.

Here's a real celebrity - at least in the campaign I designed he was. It's Wortha the Sage, supreme chronologist of the crusader's order. Well, on this pic he's chilling out with some good book and a smoke. And the chair didn't look that beveled on paper, I just realized after scanning. F'eh.

Another freehand copy from the Chrono Trigger Instruction Booklet. Frog rules, especially the way he speaks! Go and get yourself a copy of Chrono Trigger, will ya!

Okay, this one's actually an inked sketch, and I really crapped up the windows, but after all I think it was worth of putting it in this gallery - after all, there some pics here which are way worse. Well, yeah, it's a medieval village. Some concept art for another comic project.


Rianq*s favs


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